Maintenance of a child. Antipyretics for infants


Children - it is a group of a population that probably treat most. Later all, if the adult feels unwell, he yet goes to work, put care of business, and alone in extreme cases can anything but a drink to calm the soul. How, with a babies of such "negligence" We normally may not allow that. And you have sick very frequently: viruses and colds strike in first put for a infants, gardens contribute to increased rates of such cases, but also a lot of childhood diseases is that every child has or has a much goodness chance to survive. What you say! From birth, we begin to give a newborn medicine: a tummy ache, then teeth climb, if not nothing - but we have to know how? It is consummate to be safe. If snot ofttimes go away and coughing yet most conscientious parents tend to pick up a child to a pediatrician, the temperature does not direct, and that there is drive: knock it! And this is one of the general reasons why our children are sick longer and difficult situation. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. So to opt a playpen


In past years, among a moms and dads was very well-known use of arenas. So there was a time of oblivion and the use of arenas virtually abandoned. Time is variant, and in recent years playpens are again momentous item for a attention of babies. Playpens give moms and dads a opportunity for a short time to do household chores, put a shower or replace clothes. Riding allows a newborn to be on a safe territory.

Many contemporary arenas are transformed and converted into a portable crib. Such a item with a dual-purpose convenient to use on the go and traveling. Читать полностью -->

Soups for children under one year


We've learned that lunch should certainly be bisque. How we were taught back in a Soviet kindergartens, so taught now in the gardens of our children and how say most Russian pediatricians and parents. But is it really required for children broth? Controversy on this subject alone inflame. A lot of Western pediatricians believe that if a child does not must to eat 1st - no problem with that. He will fill a body's need for fluids other technique. Russian, doctors assured: in the diet of our kids want certainly be broth, each time!

By and large, it is yet decided by the moms and dads. Читать полностью -->

Baby care. Puree for kids


There is a mandatory questions, which should be informed is every mom. These comprise a puree for baby. Because if not all moms breastfeed, or just do not all keep to deal with infant formula, the foods should eventually enter any baby. And to do it good, you possess much to consider.

Presently we'll talk around the 1st in a baby's life adult dish - the sauce.

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Baby. When production a flu vaccine for infants


Vaccination so an injection can be used already with 6 weeks of age. While at the like time, doctors recommend that you wait until the baby to a vaccination, the execution of it: with birth for a 1-st 0.5 year newborn receives a considerable series of different shots, and this, following all, a considerable strain on the aging body. Also, this type of vaccination is recommended for kids who are sick with bronchitis, asthma or other chronic diseases.

Traditionally, vaccination against the disease is conducted in advance to enjoy time to be formed in a body immunity. If we talk about when to vaccinate infants against influenza, vaccination is traditionally held on the eve of the season "burst" of the disease in October and early November. It should be noted that vaccination is good done every year, any autumn: any year the flu "mutating" and therefore, last year's vaccine is a lightness barrier for new strains of a virus.

If a flu vaccine is a 1-st time a newborn may should a second dose - at intervals of a 30 days. Alone so better take root in progress: immunity is formed of at least TWO-4 weeks, and in the midst of a epidemic vaccination is not recommended. Читать полностью -->

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