Newborn maintenance. Medication of measles in kids


Hospitalization to be patients with severe disease, a other infants can be cared for at home. A basic principle in a therapy of patients is a creation of a satisfactory sanitation and nutrition. Students should easily digested foods containing high amounts of vitamin. Special attention should be given to drinking regime - a introduction of sufficient amounts of fluent.

In the acute phase of the disease is recommended in bed. Given the potential for a development of conjunctivitis and photophobia occurring, it is serious to create a protective eye mode to lightness from directly hitting them. Maybe even curtaining windows in the day time.

To reduce itching prescribe antihistamines.

Advisability of vitamin A and C.

Antibiotic therapy is prescribed alone when indicated.

In severe disease compote therapy performed in a hosp.. Shows a apply of corticosteroids.

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