Child maintenance. Hepatitis B in children


During convalescence (recovery) in patients with uncomplicated disease begins about 3-4 days from a start of the rash. A child in the recovery sluggish, irritable, drowsy. The body temperature is ordinary, a rash gradually fades, new rash absent catarrhal phenomena fading. A rash fades in the same order in which appeared, leaving pigmentation, which lasts for 1-TWO weeks and then completely goes away. Upon a disappearance of the rash is often marked by small defurfuration. Upon rekonvalistsentsii marked immunosuppression.

Distinguish 'tween typical and atypical forms of measles, which differ in a severity of clinical symptoms.

To a atypical forms of the disease are mitigirovannaya measles, measles in vaccinated children and the 1-st 1/2 of life, hypertoxic and haemorrhagic measles.

Mitigirovannoy measles affects babies who prophylactically administered immunoglobulin or blood products sparkled. Atypical forms mitigirovannoy measles, measles in vaccinated babies and the 1st 6 weeks of life clinically mild. A incubation period of a disease is longer than a typical configuration, catarrhal time and a period of short-lived rash. A typical symptom of measles - spots Bielski-Filatov-Koplik frequently absent. Stages rash absent.

When hypertoxic and hemorrhagic forms of the disease is difficult, with severe intoxication, and a rise in temperature to high numbers. Eruptions have drain character, covers all a face, capturing a palmar and plantar surfaces. When eruptions, accompanied by hemorrhage (bleeding), marked bleeding with the mouth, nose and intestines.

Complications of measles associated with lesions of the respiratory and digestive and nervous system: pneumonia, bronchitis, measles, croup, stomatitis, acute indigestion, encephalitis. Also may cultivate myocarditis, blepharitis, keratitis.

The main method of diagnosis are serological methods blood tests (TPHA, RN, RAC) determining antibodies and increase to 4 or more minutes daily 10-14 of a disease.

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