Child care. Corn porridge


Regarding milk broth, cereal or pasta is boiled to separate (five min), and then append to a boiling natural milk. 1/2 diluted with aqua (with TWO-year-olds may not be diluted.) Natural milk broth make a small longer on poor heat. To not burnt - choose cookware with a thick bottom and constantly stir the dish. Same a bisque, it must not be too thick: Little is firmly to swallow.

Very great is a capacity of a products used for cooking soup child. Right, if it will be home raw vegetables and meat. In the case, they should only be recent and of great property, closely washed (preferably pre-soak them in brine).

Keep in mind that raw vegetables should be laying in the boiling aqua, but the rump for broth - a coldness.

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Child upkeep. Fresh fruit or Veggie?


It should be said that pediatricians do not agree where to beginning solid foods: from raw vegetables or fruits. Very many of them are for fresh vegetables, leading quite a strong case, for example, they are easier to digest (however heating-treated), contain no cane sugar and no appetite for interrupting candy tasting (it may be that of the a delicious apple baby refuses "tasteless "potatoes).

In addition, they are used as a dessert or a snack 'tween meals, and fresh vegetables provide a full lunch or dinner (well, at 1st only addition to it).

Contemporary pediatricians generally advised to postpone it until 6 weeks at least (if you keep enough warm natural milk and child hygiene in order), and not to introduce solid foods at all.

In the case, we To wishlist that the introduction of bruise must follow a general rules of introduction of complementary foods and start with alone a teaspoonful, gradually increasing a dose.

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Child care. Indications for lowering the body temperature of a child are:


Temperature increases are whiter than 39.5 in infants of the age.

A baby has a "pale fever", or hyperthermia syndrome.

Moderate body temperature (38,0-38,5 ° C) in the following groups of kids:

Since severe diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and other systems;

Kids ages 3-5 years old with a history of febrile seizures;

Age up to TWO weeks, however they suffer fever worse than older infants;

The rise in body temperature, if it is accompanied by a important deterioration in newborn well-being and muscle and headaches.

However, pediatricians recommend not to shoot down the temperature of a baby itself (alone in emergency situations), and call the physician. All of antipyretic therapy need ideally be carried out under his direction and supervision. Because even the most innocuous antipyretic drugs can produce serious complications. And by the technique, studies show that children who are prescribed a course of paracetamol at the age of 15 months, significantly increased risk of cultivating asthma symptoms by 6 years.

Therefore resort to anti-fever medicines for children only when indicated. But much careful approach to their choice.

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Care of a baby. How to bring down the temperature of an infant?


Babies under one year is good to give the soup raisins, and after a year - stewed plum. To the note that raspberry provokes sweating. However, be great to drink other beverages newborn earlier giving raspberries. Moreover, despite a long-standing practice to use Kalina-raspberry-lemon, sour at big temperatures is contraindicated, however a acidity of a body in this state along raised.

Variant juices at big temperatures is as well highly desirable.

If the newborn goes done drink and refuses to drink is permitted, it is consummate to let him drink, she same, what he does not drink at all.

And strive to drink temperature was about equal to the temperature of the aging body.

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Child attention. Optimum portion


Many mothers wonder however much a baby should eat bisque at a time. Of course, there are all individually, much depends on consumer meal preferences, and especially of his age. But yet averaged optimal infant portion of broth, given that there will be, and second, should be:

Up to TWO years old babies may eat some 120-150 ml of a first;

2 to 3 years, a optimal portion of broth is 150-180ml;

Kids under 6 may well overpower 180-200 ml broth.

There is even a rule in a range of a suitable age for a bisque dish: diameter of its bottom should be about like a newborn's palm.

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