Baby attention. The flu shot for infants


In now's world a question of vaccination is much serious, as ordinary citizens, so good how moms and dads who are vaccinated or not to vaccinate the infants. Thanks to television. Press and beloved Internet, opinions vary opposite frequently did not have to a root of the question. Many parents, having read a frightening statistics about the size of a grave consequences of grafting, or worse, death, simply refuse the child of vaccination. Others, on the contrary, at a slightest provocation strive to "defend" a child, independently assigning him a course of vitamin or enrolling in regular vaccination of anything.

Judge, of course, the last thing, so I decided to help sort out this question and avoid the most common mistakes. Suggest on immunization with a friend who is an infectious disease, how correctly as re-read a lot of medicinal literature, that you may not suspect a trick.

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Baby. Fruits or Veg?


It should be said that pediatricians do not agree where to start solid foods: from vegetables or fresh fruits. Much a lot of of them are for fresh vegetables, leading quite a strong case, for example, you are easier to digest (as warmth-treated), contain no sugar and no appetite for interrupting confection tasting (it may be that after a delicious big apple baby refuses "tasteless "potatoes).

In addition, they are used however a dessert or a snack betwixt meals, and raw vegetables provide a full lunch or dinner (rightly, at 1-st alone addition to it).

Modern pediatricians generally advised to postpone it until 6 months at least (if you enjoy enough natural natural milk and baby health in ordering), and not to input solid foods at all.

In a case, we To the note that the introduction of bruise should follow a chief rules of introduction of complementary foods and start with only a teaspoon, gradually increasing the dose.

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Moms. What great puree for kids


Since the puree for babies are done from fresh fruits and vegetables, you deliver to a baby's aging body, all substances contained in them:

Vitamins (particularly folic and ascorbic acid, beta-carotene);

Mineral salts (potassium, iron);

Carbohydrates (glucose, starch);

Dietary fiber (cellulose, pectin).

In view of this, fruits and veg purees kiddies particularly good in anemia, rickets, constipation, a big mass, but also for the prevention of these diseases. You are particularly beneficial capacity on a gastrointestinal tract of the child.

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Choose a bed for yet grown offspring will be equally responsible and even a little more complicated than for the newborn. 1-st of all, because by the time you get up in front of a task to pick out a child bed, he may configuration his own opinion size his personal bed!

Safety factors, organic and non-toxic is not excluded - in this respect, all, like the range of beds. But many of a options can go head around.

Very goodness for a newborn's how-called biofurniture. It is entirely done of solid wood - even the inner and outer walls, partitions and shelves. No sharp edges and produce of plastic material furniture - it is mobile and accessible, but a view at the expense of acquiring varied, however most experts still recommend a tree. If only because of wooden furniture significant gravity in contrast to a light plastic, and this, in turn, the child develops a sense of comparing the sizing and mass of the object, which is helpful for solving a problems in a future.

A hit a past some years keep been a-bed machines, locks, beds for small "princesses." This is a bright child gift, it is fashionable, fine and, in principle, very practical. Читать полностью -->

Baby maintenance. When a newborn to give fever


If a baby (and an adult in a same way), a aging body temperature rises (beyond 37) - it is a signal that anything is wrong, it should not be. Is approximately inflammation. For us, a temperature increase means: pay attention, at the present time the newborn is not all rightly. And for the body, this means he began to struggle with a question, whatever it may be.

Most ofttimes, a newborn's aging body temperature rises at ARI and ARI. This is a classic situation. And a fever it is protective. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Antipyretics for infants


Infants - it is a group of a population that probably treat most. Later all, if a adult feels unwell, he yet goes to work, pick up care of business, and only in extreme cases can anything but a drink to calm the soul. However, with the infants of such "negligence" We normally may not allow that. And you get sick more often: viruses and colds strike in first place for a children, gardens contribute to increased rates of such cases, but also lots of childhood diseases is that every baby has or has a very good chance to survive. What you say! From birth, we start to give your newborn medicine: a tummy ache, then teeth climb, if not nothing - but we possess to know as? It is complete to be safe. If snot ofttimes go away and coughing yet most conscientious moms and dads tend to put a child to the pediatrician, the temperature does not direct, and that there is drive: knock it! And this is one of a general causes why our babies are sick longer and heavily situation. Читать полностью -->

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