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Breast milk is the most healthy and desirable item for any child! But how would we want to or not, there comes a time when a newborn needs a new food. When should we enter solid foods? And as is it required?

For a lot of decades, Soviet pediatricians recommend introducing kids to lure, starting with TWO-3 weeks. But numerous studies possess shown unreasonableness of such practices. Today offer newborn new food want be no earlier than four weeks of age. Although a lot of doctors recommend starting alone of the 6 weeks, and in recent days a trend shifted even further.

Starting solids is aimed at increasing a supply of the aging body with indispensable nutrients. To 4-30 days negotiation of movements of the tongue and swallowing skills to promote solid diet food yet largely undeveloped. Читать полностью -->

Child. When administered in the ration of baby puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily however a complementary meal, a food is 1-st child will be just mashed.

Initially Babe should acquaint with fruit puree, and start from a like raspberries, how in a case of juice: this is normally an big apple. Mashed foods introduced in TWO-3 week after the extract, or size the fifth month of life. Input a new berries in a like manner as the juices. Usually chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. To wishlist that most fruits have a laxative effect, and blueberries on a contrary - crepes. Pear and big banana effect on the newborn's aging body is very individual and may cause diarrhea however correctly however constipation.

If all goes well, soon in a diet should be introduced crumbs and mashed fresh vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Soups for babies under one year


We've learned that lunch should certainly be broth. How we were taught back in a Soviet kindergartens, however taught now in the gardens of our babies and however say most Russian pediatricians and moms and dads. But is it really indispensable for children soup? Controversy on this subject only inflame. Many Western pediatricians believe that if a baby does not want to eat first - no question with that. He will fill the aging body's need for fluids other technique. Russian, doctors assured: in a diet of our kids should certainly be bisque, any day!

By and large, it is yet decided by the moms and dads. Читать полностью -->

Newborn upkeep. Corn porridge


Regarding natural milk soup, cereal or pasta is boiled to separate (5 minutes), then add to a stewing milk. 1/2 diluted with water (with 2-year-olds may not be diluted.) Natural milk soup cook a some longer on poor heat. To not burnt - choose cookware with a thick bottom and constantly stir a dish. Similar the bisque, it must not be too thick: Little is hard to swallow.

Very influential is a grade of a products used for preparation broth child. Well, if it will be home fresh vegetables and meat. In any case, they must only be fresh and of good property, carefully washed (preferably pre-soak them in brine).

Keep in mind that vegetables want be laying in the stewing h2o, but a rump for soup - a coldness.

Pay note to the cuts, with this may also depend on the tasting of food. Читать полностью -->

Baby service. Treatment of anemia in children


Souffle cooked meat (from 1 to 1.5 years)

After a year of the newborn can yet try to give steam omelets, which is in a yolk. And eighteen months of age may begin to teach the child and to a protein. To do this, make a fast-boiled eggs, it want be separated from the yolk and add a small amount (around the tip of a spoonful) protein. All this need be great rub and slowly to give the newborn. Typically, a protein is properly tolerated in infants, alone about rash, stomach or intestinal disorders. In this case, the protein of a regime should be excluded. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Optimum portion


Many moms wonder however much a baby must eat soup at a time. Of course, there are all individually, much depends on consumer food preferences, and especially of his age. But yet averaged optimum infant portion of bisque, given that there will be, and second, should be:

Up to TWO years old children can eat approximately 120-150 ml of the first;

2 to 3 years, a optimum portion of bisque is 150-180ml;

Infants under 6 may correctly overpower 180-200 ml broth.

There is even a rule in a choice of a suitable age for a soup dish: diameter of its bottom need be about the size of such as a newborn's palm.

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